You’ve been doing Financial Planning ever since you figured out how to get the necessary to buy that natty Jean Paul Gaultier number.

You’ll grow to love those words. Especially when you see the life-changing results they can deliver.


Financial Planning means laying out your income streams, investments and assets and reconciling them with your life plans after expenses like mortgage or rent, car payments and so on are taken into account. Oh. We missed out entertainment. Sorry.


That bijou flat in Hoxton is going to require ‘x’ monthly income and ‘y’ in liquid cash. Can’t quite get there yet? You need a plan. That’s where LGBT Money comes in. We can introduce you to the very best financial planners in the UK.


They’ll distinguish between short term savings and long term savings which will target income for your retirement (yes, we know!), deposits when you need to buy that flat or house or if you’re looking at further education.


Your financial plan may also include an investment strategy with stocks snd shares and property, to live in or rent out.


Meeting Your Financial Planner

Your  Financial Planner can help you when they understand your financial situation and the goals you want to achieve.


Share your story. That way you will get the maximum benefit. And that means everything: assets and liabilities. The lot.


Your Financial Planner will create a bespoke and detailed plan for you; no one’s financial station is exactly the same so you can be sure you will be getting a plan honed exactly for your needs.


After all, life changes.


'Your Financial Planner can help you best when they understand your financial situation and the goals you want to achieve.'