Immortal? Didn’t think so. There are exceptions. Kylie obviously. RuPaul maybe. Wonder Woman probably. For the rest of us - no.

Life Insurance wings us back to the inescapable. The glitter ball in the sky will be our eventual habitat.

That leaves those we leave behind. The obvious pain and loss. Tears. We’re expecting lots of tears, aren’t we?

One thing those left behind don’t need is financial pain. They've just lost you. Without proper planing your loved one(s) could be catapulted into poverty overwhelmed by financial obligations.

Mortgage. Car repayments. Just the simple act of paying the bills.

Life insurance isn’t just about the hereafter. It can cover you if you get ill, even for an extended period.

So skimping on it seems shortsighted, no?

If you're not insured now then there's no time like the present to get sorted.

Your Financial Planner will guide you through this and find you the bespoke life insurance solution to fit like an immaculately tailored D&G jacket.

At LGBT Money we are constantly looking at new services we can offer existing and new clients.

We are delighted to share that we are now able to introduce you to a wide range of home insurance policies.

This includes: 

Home Insurance


Payment Protection

Rent guarantee

Legal expenses (landlords)

Legal expenses (home)

Home emergency cover


Each and very policy at highly competitive rates.


In addition, also offered are what are called ’non-standard’ insurances.

This refers to:

Flood Risk Areas

Renovation Works

6+ Bed Properties

Unoccupied Homes

Holiday Homes

Flat or felt roofed properties


Do let us know what help you need; you can contact us by email; call us direct or leave a message in chat.


'One thing those left behind don't need is fiscal pain. They've just lost you.'

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