Bing, Bang, Bong: How Drag Race UK drove us mad!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ has tens of millions of fans worldwide and now that the second Brit-based series is in full-swing in the UK, we’re all talking about ‘Drag Race UK’ again and it seems like we can’t get enough!

Here’s a quick test: does ‘Bing-Bang-Bong Ding-Dang-Dong’ mean anything to you?

We bet it does. This is the showstopper from last week’s show; titled ‘UK Hun’ and performed by United Kingdolls it is already in the upper reaches of the UK charts – eclipsing even Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa as highest new chart entry ­– and has hit number 1 on iTunes. It’s even generated its own memes. How? It’s got that hook that just buries itself in your brain. You love to hate it!

If anything could be done to potentially save the break up of the UK, then ‘Bing, Bang, Bong’ might be it, featuring as it does Welsh and Scottish accents next to proper Cockney. Star performer? We’d vote for Bin Boulash, but it’s very close.

Now we learn ‘Gay Times’ – with brilliant timing – have started their very own podcast called ‘Snatched’ to chat all things Drag Race UK, Series Two. Associate Editor, Sam Damshenas and Fashion Editor, Umar Sarwarx discuss highs and lows of each week, share their own opinions and are hot on the trail of juicy inside gossip from Drag Race HQ.

So far their podcast has spilt the tea on runway mishaps and fierce looks, ‘Rats! The Musical’ and whether Awhora is as shady as her competition thinks she might be. Sam and Umar also chat to eliminated Queens and talk about the important details that need discussion, including the positive feedback and support LGBTQIA Community receive from Social Media and Cherry Valentine speaking out about being a member of both the LGBTQIA Community and the Traveller Community.

This week’s upcoming episode features the Drag Race favourite: Snatch Game which is a take on 70s/80’s TV show ‘Blankety Blank.’ As for us, we can’t wait to hear what Snatched has to say about the Snatches!

Altogether now: ‘Bing, bang, bong…..’

GAY TIMES’ podcast 'Snatched' is available to listen to on Soundcloud, Spotify, Audible, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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