Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month: It's Here

Now that LGBT+ History Month is over one of the next major campaigns in the calendar is Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month. Bi+ Health Month focuses on social, economic and heath disparities within the bisexual+ community as well as the need to enlighten and educate.

Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month is US-based and organised by the Bisexual Resource Center (BSR), who help the community by creating extensive resources and inspiring positive action.

The March-long campaign is now in its eighth year and the theme this year is equity. The BSR defines equity as being fully achieved when “the unique needs of our diverse bi+ community have been met and discrimination against BIPOC, transgender and disabled members of the bi+ community has been eliminated.”

Bisexual+ includes people who associate as bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc. as opposed to homosexual – gay and lesbian - or heterosexual. It also includes BIPOC as well as bisexual people who have disabilities, and transgender members of the bisexual community.

This month is all about raising awareness. Did you know that?:

- Bisexual+ people experience higher rates of physical, sexual and emotional violence than those who identify as homosexual or heterosexual.

- Bisexual+ people have poorer physical, mental and social health.

- Bisexual+ people are less likely to come out to their families and friends.

- Bisexual+ people socialise less and are less likely to attend LGBT+ affirming groups and events than gay peers.

- Bisexual+ people make up the majority of the LGBTQ Community but receive less than one per cent of all funding that supports LGBTQ advocacy.

- Bisexual+ people often experience higher levels of distress including suicidality, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

- 44% per cent of bisexual+ young people experience frequent bullying.

More information is available on the Bisexual+ Health Month website (see below) including helpful resources you can read and share, ways you can get involved and help this month and beyond.

There are also a number of online events and discussions taking place over the month. Tune into the Bi+ Podcast, hop on the Lesflicks’ Daily Q&A and partake in BiRequest’s discussions and games nights. We hope to see you there!

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