Cadbury’s Egg-Sellent New Gay-Powered Ad

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. Lovely, gooey, uncontroversial. Apart from the fact they start flogging them in January.

Now, it’s different. Why? Because the new campaign for the sticky, gooey confectionary celebrating its’ 50th birthday features a gay couple.

Better than that, a real life gay couple Callum Sterling (dancer for Rita Ora)

and Dale K Moran (who has done choreography on RuPaul's Drag Race). So sandwiched between various egg eating personality types (you’ll have to see the ‘dipper’ for yourself

and see if the word ‘Freud’ pops into mind))

Cadbury’s have plonked a snogging with an egg gay couple very much centre stage.

Is it tokenistic? Truth is it might be. But it works, too. Lot of fun. And lots of Sgt Majors in the Home Counties will be spluttering into their evening cuppas for the foreseeable

How do you eat yours?

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