Celebrating Pan Visibility Day

Pan Visibility Day is held every year on 24th May to celebrate the pansexual community and raise awareness of issues they face and ways we can offer support. So, without further ado… what’s it all about?

Pansexuality is an attraction to any gender. It’s an extension of the bisexual section of the flag because it involves attraction to more than one gender, but it is often confused with bisexuality among those who don’t understand that gender doesn’t fit the binary.

The term pansexual comes from the Greek word ‘pan,’ meaning all.

As well as raising general awareness the day also allows us to raise awareness of issues that still impact pansexual people, such as bullying, domestic violence, mental illness and isolation.

Arguably, they are one of the more neglected groups of the LGBTQIA community and whilst included under the bisexual umbrella can be overlooked and misunderstood more frequently by peers.

What can you do to help?

Show your support, share your love and raise the flag for those that need a neighbour.

We love our pan friends! Happy pan vis day to you all!

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