Google: Big Brother/Sister ... in a good way.

We call  them signifiers. Signs in our culture that attitudes are changing towards and for the LGBT community.

They used to be as rare as hen’s teeth. 

Google is a biggie. They’ve just launched This Is family as a hashtag and compiled a picture album (yes, it’s shot on a google phone) capturing diversity. 

Celebrating diversity. 

It’s movingly connecting.

But this isn’t new for Google. They’ve been ‘cause’ supporters for a while. Back in 2006 the company supported localised Pride events in New York, San Francisco, Dublin and Madrid.

Sewing together clips from their own It Gets Better youtube channel in 2013, they shared positive and encouraging messages for the LGBT community and featured Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and, hey,  Woody out of Toy Story, as well as non-celebs from a 

genuinely diverse background.

They plonked this ad bang in the middle of an episode of Glee. 

A campaign on YouTube in support of gay marriage followed and aired again in ’15. Said Google: ‘We believe everyone has the right to love and be loved…. that’s what we’re proud to stand with the LGBT community and support equal rights and marriage equality of all.’

In 2016 Google promoted their Google Home device with an ad featuring two gay dads.

This is Google we’re talking about. 

Capitalised at more than 600bn. More money than god. In terms of raw power, more armed than most organised governments. The creative, logistical and financial freedom to do pretty much what it wants.

And what it wants in part seems to be genuine: to make a connect with the LGBT community. 

And, in turn, make a statement to the world at large.

Consistently. Articulately.

That’s quite an ally to have.

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