Happy Mother’s Day: We Love You Mama Ru….

It’s safe to say we spend much of our time obsessing over new-found Queens, who you have helped by giving spotlight. Whether it’s USA, Canada or UK, Drag Race or All Stars, the drama is real and we’re here for every second.

This UK series, we’ve cried with Awhora embracing insecurities, been taken back to our own traumatic childhoods with Lawrence Chaney and then felt relieved and grateful for the things we have now when Ellie Diamond has discussed brother, Bryce. We’ve giddied over Tayce’s blue gaze and been riled to start a revolution with Bimini. We’ve jumped on Twitter and Instagram to follow them all and give them the love they deserve as such talented, brave individuals – and, of course, that’s what Drag Race is for – you give them the platform they need to be themselves on the hunt for Drag’s next Superstar. But in the excitement of it all, we can all be a bit guilty for overlooking you.

Of course there’s a whole team involved with Drag Race; it isn’t quite a one-Queen show. From the pit crew - or the Brit crew - to the extra special guests, the camera team and the runners; so many people are on board the search for stars. But then it’s your mission and you made it a reality. Yes, there are reminders of that, the Queens lip synch your songs, they perform in your music videos… your name’s on the label and you host the whole spectacle! It’s not like anyone’s forgetting you, but I think it’s maybe possible that some of us take you for granted.

You unite the world! We all wanna be on Drag Race. It’s like everyone in the UK thinking about going on Strictly [Come Dancing] but it’s only for celebs; well everyone wants to go on RuPaul’s Drag Race and we ain’t all Drag Queens! I can’t count on my hands the number of times we’ve heard people talking about what their Drag name would be or caught friends practicing their lip synch to Scissor Sisters or Gloria Gaynor!

But it’s so much more than that! People have really found themselves on Drag Race; sworn enemies have become best friends, Queens have forgiven their loved ones for not accepting them and loved ones have watched the show and gone beyond acceptance to adoration. Queens have forgiven themselves for any pressure or degradation they’ve put on themselves and learned to love themselves a bit more…. If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else, right? Queens blossom and grow and evolve; some realise that the world doesn’t revolve around them and some learn that it’s important that their world does…

Queens hug and cry and learn to be honest and understand that sensitivity is a good thing! It unites a whole Sisterhood and uplifts them and celebrates them and gives them the tools they need to be a Superstar and not just in a performative, shallow fame kinda way.

And we understand how far you’ve come to get here. We acknowledge and appreciate all those journeys you’ve made, too.

Having to accept yourself and love yourself and be honest with yourself, learning how to deal with addiction and make sacrifices to move yourself to a healthy environment.

The struggle is real; but we see you and that’s why it’s important to celebrate you today: you give life to amazing Queens and we thank you for that. But we also appreciate and adore you. We would hop onto Twitter and Instagram and follow you if we weren’t already. We need to remind you how much we love you and how you are a superstar because maybe you know… but maybe people don’t tell you enough. So here it is:

Happy Mother’s Day… we love you, Mama Ru.

Love from the world X

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