Hollywood Blockbuster With Added LGBT

In a galaxy far away, something major is happening in the world of super heroes. A galaxy here leather/acrylic-clad super beings capable of scaling tall buildings, 

shifting the word off its axis, and beating the you-know-what out of the forces of darkness hang out. Each and every one not without its own inbound sense of

camp. Thinking Batman. Superman. The list goes on.

Now we learn that the Deadpool sequel has a fully-fledged LGBT relationship centre stage. For Negasonic Teenage Warhead has love interest in the form of Yukio who is - gasp! - a lady, too. What’s more they hold hands. Unchaperoned.

What does it tell us? It tells us that Hollywood is getting it.  Slowly, but getting it. The Marvel universe seems to be still weighed down by the demands of the Far Eastern box office where lots of dollars at box office are accrued and gay-friendly doesn’t p(l)ay. But they’ve gone for it.

China banned Deadpool first time round so pandering to that audience is not  a commercial issue in a franchise that is delightfully unapologetic - littered with bad language and with a flawed superhero with attitude at its centre. 

Is this good news? Yes, we think so. Not going to create the same impact as if Disney went full LGBT, too. But it’s a significant moment all the same. As we recently saw Disney seem happy to take LGBT dollars with their merchandise. They just need to play catch up with their cinema product.

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