International Transgender Day Of Visibility: Celebrate!

Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility. International Transgender Day of Visibility, or TDOV, is an awareness day and celebration of transgender and non-binary people.

The day was founded in 2009 by activist, Rachel Crandall as a response to the lack of transgender recognition and the extent to which the community was being sidelined, ignored and for many invisible.

Just this month, the state of Arkansas banned healthcare for trans youth and research by LGBT+ charity, while anti-violence LGBT charity Galop evidenced a common fear of assault in trans people with one in five saying they had been subject to a threat or actual sexual assault while using public toilets


Meanwhile, Total Jobs’ 2021 Survey has found that a staggering number of trans people are still experiencing discrimination in the workplace with 65% hiding their identity at work and 43% quitting their jobs due to bullying, discrimination and/or an uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment.

In a landscape very different from 12 years ago there are encouraging signs: one of which is the newly-commissioned Just Like Us survey which highlights that trans support is at 84% among young people with some 54% of 2,943 11-18 year olds sampled saying they knew a trans person.

Today members of the LGBT+ community are taking to social media to plea allies to share positive things too.

Transgender Day of Visibility is also about celebrating the victories, the advocates and the pride that does exist. This is also important to encourage LGBT+ people who haven’t yet come out to be proud, be themselves and join the network and fight for equality.

It is essential that we provide support and speak out about issues to lift the trans community and let them know that they’re not alone.

We stand with the community this International Transgender Day of Visibility. Please feel free to get in touch with us at LGBT Money if you want to share anything today; we’re listening. And supportive.

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