Is The Government Casting Section 28: The Sequel?

There have been three significant resignations from the Government’s LGBT+ Advisory Panel.

Jayne Ozanne, James Morton and Ellen Murray have all resigned after suggesting a ‘hostile environment’ towards the LGBT+ community and voicing real concerns about a return to Thatcher and Section 28.

The week has seen a Parliamentary discussion weighing-up and strategising the conversion therapy ban: a promise that had been first made to the public almost 1,000 days ago.

Many refer to the dangerous treatment as ‘medieval’ and yet action still hasn’t been taken to illegalise it: the issue continues to cause unease amongst the LGBT+ community and supporters.

The expectation was for a discussion that would see a ban finally placed. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson concluded that this was still not a straight-forward process and that more thought would need to be undertaken to work out the best plan for the UK.

This was the trigger for Jayne Ozanne’s resignation, who argued that the proposals don’t have the community’s confidence. Ozanne herself is a survivor of conversion therapy and has also resigned as member of the Conservative party.

She said in an interview with ITV News that she didn’t want to be associated with a party that she felt presents as being hostile to the LGBT+ people: ‘It’s the only thing I can think of doing to try and bring to the attention of the Prime Minister that he needs to intervene now. He needs to understand how the LGBT+ community view his administration and how scared we are.’

James Morton followed, stating in his letter of resignation that ‘the UK Government does not seem, through words or actions, to have any desire to build a country in which trans people are among those free to live their lives.’

Ellen Murray has also since left, having accused the Government of ongoing hostility towards LGBT+ people.

Kemi Badenoch and Liz Truss are among the politicians who have been criticised and identified as ‘ministers for inequality’ for their perceived disregard of the community and their response to the conversion therapy ban.

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