It’s A Sin (Bigotry Never Sleeps)

We’ve all either binge-watched ‘It’s A Sin’ or watched in real time. Russell T Davies’s already iconic Channel 4 series takes us back to a time when HIV hit and hit hard.

Compelling television as borne out by viewing figures in the millions with 6.5m plus streams to date – the third highest figure in the history of All 4. The fact that in our day to day people are still starting convos with: ‘How great is ‘It’s A Sin?’ ‘Aren’t the mums great?’ ‘I blubbed over Callum Scott Howells.’ ‘Olly Alexander is amazing.’

The 80s seems and looks forever away.

The 20s are different, of course.

We see major changes in societal attitudes to the LGBTQI community of which the considerable investment C4 made in ‘It’s A Sin’ is one example. Even corporate giants like Burger King get it. Did you see the campaign they ran in Finland for Pride last year? That’s Ronald and the Burger King smooching there. With tongues possibly.

But still there’s plenty of evidence of further journeys needed. Last week a client came to us hugely distressed after being faced with only binary options on an application form when asked to identify their gender. This person ironically worked in IT and knew and knows how easy it is for documents to be changed to embrace other gender options. So, they came to us where binary identification is not part of what we do.

It’s not hard.

Quite why in 2021 we’re having his conversation is an indictment of the times. Because lovely as it is that major corporate brands like Renault or McCain buy into a narrative other than binary, still embedded out there is the trope that you either identify as a male or female.

And that’s your lot.

It’s A Sin: on a whole load of levels.

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