It's All A-Go-Go On Drag Race Tonight!

Start your engines. Tonight – and we can hardly wait - we’re gearing up for our final of UK’s second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This series has been a hit and made herstory a few times, including with our four Queens-final! Well, the public have already voted Bimini as the favourite to win, but the final say is Ru’s!

Let’s look at the competition as we wait in anticipation for our fabulous Brit Queen 2021 to be crowned!

Ellie Diamond is the youngest Queen of this series and she’s had a lot to prove. Over the last few episodes, she’s repeatedly been seeking validation for her spot in the competition and getting upset when competitors don’t consider her a threat, reminding her she doesn’t have any coveted Ru-Peter badges. She’s kept promising us she’ll grab one, but we’re entering the final and she’s badge-free. But do badges matter? She was close in episode 7 when she made a sugar plum fairy-look out of rubbish and a toilet plunger - credit where it’s due! Ellie has also been critiqued by the girls and the judges for her safe looks – she’s a Queen with flawless make-up and big, beautiful wigs but it seems she’s afraid to think outside the box… but maybe, she’s saving it for tonight. Go big or go home, as they say!

We love Tayce. And how could you not? With her Welsh charm and a gaze that could melt you with one look, she’s like Tom Jones except she’s turning the Brit Crew’s heads as well as the ladies’! Tayce was voted Trade Minister (hottest out of drag) in the first episode, and whilst we agree, we also think she should have been well in the running for Secretary of Shade – she’s the first to jump on the drama train and we love it. Whilst Tayce is always making us giggle, we do have to say something about her lip synchs. She has lip synched a total of five times, this series, if we’ve counted correctly! According to Judges’ critiques, this is usually down to her basic outfits that don’t quite live up to the standard of her competitors, and often feature a bodysuit; we know how Michelle Visage feels about that! She must be doing something right to have performed so many times and been saved, but will her final outfit be another underwhelming bodysuit? Just keep the scourers away, Tayce, please!

Lawrence Chaney was an instant favourite when she walked through the door with her Glasgow accent, her sarcasm and wit and her brutal honesty – you always know what you’re getting with Lawrence. From the get-go, she’s been open about her experiences with bullying and low self-esteem and we’ve really seen her struggle when she overthinks things and puts too much pressure on herself – particularly in performative challenges. If we know Drag Race like we think we do, then the final will be an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza and Lawrence may struggle – we just hope she’s able to pick herself up and shine like she always does. We believe Lawrence has grown so much over the competition and she always applies critique – and better eye shadow, too! Lawrence is a gorgeous, high-fashion, funny, kind, caring Queen and we wouldn’t be mad if she won…

UNLEASH THE BEAST: IT’S BIMINIi! What’s not to love about Bimini? We’re honestly asking! Since Bimini’s rise to fame over the course of the series, followers have taken to social media to get #Biminiforprimeminister trending and we don’t think she’d do so bad! She is an amazing ally for the LGBTQ+ community, she’s politically invested, a huge advocate for civil rights, an eco-warrior, she’s a peacekeeper.

Throughout the fallouts and dramas, Bimini’s always been a friend, offered a hug, a chat, advice, never been someone to spread rumours or bring anyone down, she takes everything on the chin and keeps smiling. And not to mention her serious high-fashion looks and dance skills: can we talk about her splits and her death drops, too? We thought we could remain fairly objective in this and the truth is all these Queens are deserving winners, but we think Bimini might be the best Queen Drag Race has ever had, US and UK. I mean, come on! (as Tayce would say): 'Gender-bender, cis-tem offender/I like it rough but my lentils tender?'

How couldn’t you love Bimini? What a genius!

A dragon, a unicorn, a Loch Ness monster and… well, a pimple? We’ve stated our case and all we can do is wait. Who’s your money on?

RuPaul’s Drag Race: the Final will be available to watch on iPlayer at 7pm. See you there!

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