Kellogg's Make A Meal Of Breakfast

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When the conglomerates stick their corporate paws all over the LGBT cultural cookie jar they do run the risk of getting severely hurt. Arguably this is the case for Kellogg’s who are trialing – at a whopping price tag of around 14 pounds in the US – a pack of cereal branded 'All Together' containing handfuls from their top household brands mixed into one package. That means Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Froot Loops getting all close and personal in the confines of a cereal box.

The point? We think it's a really ham-fisted and very unsubtle allusion to inclusiveness. Bless their little hearts for trying, but apart from the assault on the palette you get if you mix flakes and loops, it's just really doesn't work. But then again Kellogg's have forked out $50,000 to fund anti-bullying charities tying in with Spirit Day in the US.

Plus - if you forgive their awful punning - an official statement from the company did kind of fill in the blanks a little: “We { Kellogg's} have long been allies and supporters of LGBTQ employees, their families and the community. For more than 100 years, Kellogg has nourished families so they can flourish and thrive, and the company continues to welcome everyone to the table."

It's a bit cheesetastic. Heart, right place maybe?

Kellogg's: not necessarily gr-reat, but not necessarily bad either.

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