Laurel Hubbard: Trans Pioneer

The fight for trans rights in sport has been on the rise recently after some states in America passed laws marginalising and mistreating trans youth in the name of ‘fair’ competition.

There’s still a world of change to take place and this includes the inclusion of and equality for black athletes, such as Caster Semenya who has been disqualified for high testosterone levels.

However, today, history is made as trans weightlifter, Laurel Hubbard competes as the first openly trans woman in the Olympics.

Already, Hubbard has been knocked out of the competition and stands no chance of winning a medal this Olympic games.

But just by her competing a medal has been in many ways won.

For Hubbard, her journey has been long, working hard not only to train as a top weightlifter, but also to be herself and be accepted.

And this isn’t the end of the journey; already, people are taking to social media to report their opinions that it’s unfair for Hubbard to compete.

However, the Olympic International Committee rightfully argue that the previous rules aren’t fit for purpose and needed to be updated. They are changing, and with it comes the inclusion and equality for Hubbard and many more trans Olympians to come.

These changes reflect new research into testosterone levels and the rules currently in place, that qualify Hubbard for competition, state that a trans athlete’s gender must have been declared at least four years prior to competing and their testosterone levels must measure below 10 nanomoles for a minimum of twelve months prior to competing.

There will always be ignorance and what’s important isn’t the comments of those who disagree but those who support and fight for this change. But more so, for members of the LGBTQ+ community who don’t see themselves represented in sports, or struggle to understand their place in competition, or are currently training to be in the same place as Hubbard.

For these people, this change is absolutely essential and Hubbard will inspire many.

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