LGBT+ History Month 2021: A Celebration + Must-See Online Events!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

LGBT+ History Month 2021 is entering its final week. It’s a time to remember the struggles, sacrifices and stands made to work towards equality, freedom and justice for the LGBTQIA Community. So – what is the history behind history month?

It was established in the USA in 1994, but didn’t become established in the UK event until 2004. Teachers Paul Patrick and Sue Sanders of Schools Out UK worked tirelessly to raise awareness of issues faced by members of the LGBTQIA Community and to improve inclusivity and acceptance of LGBTQ+ young people in schools.

LGBTQ+ History Month – this year under the theme of Mind, Body and Spirit – is celebrated in February in the UK and hundreds of events are held nationwide to celebrate gender identity and help educate and encourage acceptance with businesses also joining schools and colleges in the campaign to allow all customers and clients to feel welcomed.

This year's events are being held mainly online; but we can all still wave a rainbow flag, grab a brew/vodka and join as many zoom calls, quizzes and activities as we’re able. As this special week draws to a close, we’ll be talking about some of the incredible and inspirational activists who have made a difference to our community across the years.

We’ve also highlighted some events that we think you should pencil into your diary including:

‘It Takes Blood And Guts’ with Skin and Lucy O’Brien (23rd February). 19.00. Online event, celebrating publication of Skin’s new book.

’The History of Gender In Sport’ (24th February) - part of Netflix Watch Party: download Teleparty on Chrome at

‘Queer: LGBTQ Writing from Ancient Times to Yesterday’ - edited by Frank Wynne. 19.00. Online event (25th February). Tickets available at:

Derek Jarman’s Queer Nature: In Conversation. Celebrating the iconic and much missed film director and his rich legacy. Online event. 17.00 (25 February).

Queer Disabilities During The Pandemic. Featuring Wayne Allingham performing as Sugar Cube; non-binary artist Sop; Michaela who trains people with learning disabilities. 19.00. Online event. (25 February).

Further details of these events and many more can be found on LGBT History Month’s Twitter account @LGBTHM Check our Instagram page @lgbtmoney where we'll be hosting an LGBT History Month quiz a the end of the month. More resources to help celebrate can be found at:

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