Loki Likely And Why We're Over The Moon

It's official: Loki’s bisexual and members of the LGBTQ+ community are over the moon. But why is this character’s gender so important?

New series Loki has been long-awaited and is still teasing us with weekly instalments of single episodes to streaming service, Disney Plus.

So far, the Marvel spin-off has been a hit and Marvel fans are happy at Loki’s mission to take down another Loki – now called Sylvie - as a criminal ‘variant’ to the sacred time-keepers.

But as well as fans, the LGBTQ+ community is over the moon at Loki because of their sexuality and the casual, warm way it was revealed.

It goes like this: Sylvie sits opposite Loki; the two of them having been neck and neck and now talking on the same level for the first time in what you’d call a heart-to-heart.

“You’re a prince…” Sylvie prompts, “must have been would-be princesses… or perhaps a would-be prince?” Loki smiles teasingly and with pride in his eyes replies: “A bit of both.”

The community are not only happy with the way the scene is written and the way in which it’s shared, but also by the performances by Hiddleston and Di Martino because of how comfortable and unjudging the two characters appear of each other. It’s a wonderful on-screen moment.

In interview, director, Kate Herron (who also directed the first series of Sex Education) said she was very proud of the moment and pleased with the result and the response from fans, including some saying the scene helped them find confidence to come out.

In comics, Loki is identifiably pansexual, but this is the first mention of it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Loki had to be under the bi section of the LGBTQ+ umbrella really. Why?

Because they are, of course, inspired by Norse mythology where they birthed offspring including a wolf, a serpent and an eight-legged horse, some with a female giant. This from mythology, there are less rules around procreation which almost makes it essential that modern God Loki - alongside characters Thor and Odin who are also products of mythology – is non-binary and open to any relationships regardless of gender (or anything else; creature included).

We’re very excited to see what the rest of the series has in store for Loki and to see if there’s any further exploration of what love looks like for the character.

The next episode of Loki airs on Disney Plus tonight (7th July).

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