Maltesers: Making Us Feel Yummy

Maltesers are, actually, more than just sweets. Scrub that. More than delicious honeycomb spheres captured in a thin chocolate coating. See? We’re fans. But there’s more.

Today sees the unveiling of a new ad campaign for Maltesers focusing on the challenges of dating as a lesbian. It’s light-hearted. It’s fun. This comes hot on the heels of another Malteser ad featuring a lesbian couple discussing their bird-poo flecked first date.  Portrayal? Positive. Fun. Quirky. Engaging.

What does it mean when yet another conglomerate  - this time it’s Mars - gets ‘woke’? It means things are changing rapidly. The whole climate for LGBT is, we feel, markedly different even in the last 12 months or so. And the humble little Malteser isn't just kind of yummy on the tummy; it’s also yummy in being yet another incremental step.

Michele Oliver,  The VP of Mars UK (the makers of Maltesers), recently told ad trade mag ‘Campaign': ‘There’s a sea change happening.’ And she’s right. There is.

When corporations like Mars get it - and by extension their ad agencies and the media they use to promote in - it’s genuinely big stuff. Because it trickles down to millions of minds; minds that may have been closed or minds indifferent. Aggregate all those ad spots and ‘reach’. It’s massive.

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