Manga's 'I Think Our Son Is Gay' Is Genuinely Moving...

Mango author Okura is responsible for a series of books titled 'I Think Our Son Is Gay'. First published in Japan in 2019 it has reached series three and has just reached international markets with an all-English version.

The title is the giveaway, right? This is not typical Manga fare but a sensitively observed approach to coming out in which a mother suspects her son Hiroki might be gay. She's way cool, though. There's no surreptitious leaving of Abba/ Judy Garland albums around the family home or any other cultural breadcrumbs designed to precipitate a coming out.

His mother Tomoko lets him breathe. Literally. No big interrogations just a mother exploring her son's sexuality and trying to see if she can be supportive in any way.

'I Think Our Son Is Gay' is a boisterous read. Fun. Laced with introspection and a genuine attempt to frame a lifestyle and home for a young boy, who hasn't exhibited an interest in girls. The issues of asexuality and coming out are gently touched upon. It's a respectful read littered with charm.

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