Misgendering: Pronoun Poverty

The issue of misgendering is sadly alive and well in the UK. Robust, even.

LGBT Money is sadly too familiar with the scenario where individuals or corporates are unable to cope with the concept of something other than two genders.

As recently as yesterday we took a call from someone who was trying to navigate their pension issues with a corporate which couldn't/wouldn't engage in anything other than in the context of a bi gender boy/girl landscape.

It was a 'computer says no' moment. X 100.

The damage? That ongoing sense of isolation and disconnect for the individual concerned.

Frustration that their assets - that they have worked for over many years - are seemingly trapped in a Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare.

Some companies get it; or make efforts to rectify their errors. Neale's Yard and Cafe Rouge we know as quick responders when challenged on misgendering.

We have been told of one banking group that still insists on mailing 'Mr' or 'Miss' and claims that this inflexibility is all down to 'systems'. Sure. Of course it is. Nothing to do with institutionalised and calcified bigotry.

The recent misgendering of American Olympic athlete Alana Smith reported in Pink News highlights the issue further. Educated (supposedly) sports anchors on national TV stations continuously misgendered Alana, who had tried to help out by having 'they' and 'them' etched into their skateboard.

Think about that: a key moment in life marred by laziness (at best) and malice (at worst).

We will help in unravelling this mess for our client. It's (part) of what we do.

But yesterday yet again the human cost of blinkered thinking came to the fore and we wanted to share it with you and empathise with those dealing with this on a daily basis.

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