New Potato: Has Mr Potato Head Had His Chips?

Leading toy brand Hasbro’s Mr Potato Head – made famous in the movie series ’Toy Story’ - has been rebranded Potato Head as part of a process the company describes as ‘a reimagining for the modern consumer’, adding how it felt the Mr and Mrs brand had been 'limiting when it comes to both gender and family structure.'

The toy was first launched by Hasbro almost 70 years ago and so a re-brand is long overdue.

The new toy (which will available late 2021) is being designed to provide choice for customers and allow children to be more imaginative with Potato Head’s appearance. According to Hasbro, it will ‘allow children to create their own Potato Head family’.

Create Your Own Potato Head Family’ is the name of the new toy: it will come with two large potato bodies, one small potato body and 42 accessories, according to Hasbro. So now you know.

Potato Head will join characters such as Barbie and Thomas and Friends in toys that break gender norms and promote diversity and equality.

The Barbie range has been expanded to include different body shapes, abilities and ethnicities, whilst Thomas and Friends has added, well, some more female characters. Some catch up needed there, Thomas!

Thanks to the power and appeal of the 'Toy Story' franchise this change is one that will likely encourage other leading toy brands to further follow the Hasbro example.

Within what seemed like seconds of the announcement of Potato Head’s new status, there was a mass outpouring of negativity on social media, championed by journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan, who wrote on Twitter: ‘Who was actually offended by Mr Potato Head being male?’ and dismissing those who disagreed as ‘woke imbeciles.’

His anxiety was misplaced. Mr and Mrs Potato Head still for sale. Bless.

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