Non-Binary Visibility Week: A Celebration

Non-Binary Visibility Week carries through to 18th July, 2021 with the aim of shedding light on issues faced by the non-binary community, promote change and celebrate non-binary people everywhere.

The non-binary section of the umbrella includes the following identities:

Non-binary: someone who is neither wholly female, or wholly male.

Genderqueer: someone who doesn’t identify with a single gender.

Gender fluid: someone who sees gender as a spectrum and doesn’t see themselves on any fixed point.

Gender non-conforming: someone who doesn’t feel gender should have set physical and behavioural identifiers and adheres to rejecting traditional views or norms regarding gender.

Agender: someone who doesn’t identify with any gender.

Androgynous: someone who presents as neither male or female.

The identities within the non-binary section of the umbrella are similar and can overlap. For example, someone may identify as non-binary and as gender fluid.

For many, there is confusion between sex and gender and sadly there are some people find it difficult to understand that someone can identify differently to their allocated sex at birth. This makes it incredibly difficult for many non-binary people to find acceptance, safety and comfort in their surroundings and so this is why Non-Binary Visibility Week is essential; we need to raise awareness of non-binary gender and decrease the discrimination and ignorance that some display towards it.

Many non-binary people use pronouns they/them, whilst others are happy with she/her/he/him as well as others. It’s important to be aware that there are more pronouns than just she/her and he/him and to try and learn and remember someone’s pronouns when you meet them, as you would their name.

Recently, Demi Lovato - who described beginning to use 'they'/'them' pronouns as a 'huge transition' - came out as non-binary. They said: 'If you misgender me—that's okay. I accidentally misgender myself sometimes! It's a huge transition to change the pronouns I've used for myself my entire life. And it's difficult to remember sometimes!'

Other non-binary celebrities include Jonathan Van Ness, Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and Ruby Rose.

How can we help raise visibility? Every positive message makes a difference. Whether you have one follower or one million, someone will see and will either be uplifted, made aware or challenged. If you put out just one message on social media announcing Non-Binary Visibility Week and sharing your support and love, it might mean one parent accepting their child or one person able to come out or one teacher able to provide sanctuary in their classroom.

So, to all our non-binary friends, followers, clients and more; we hope you have a fantastic, safe and celebratory week.

Stay safe, stay you.

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