Pink Graffiti: Poisoned Letters For MP

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

It’s 2019. And someone, somewhere (Plymouth) figured that a good use of time was to spray homophobic abuse on the office window of sitting Labour MP Luke Pollard. Admirably, the politician’s response has been to ask the perpetrator to sit down and talk with him.

The MP said: ‘My offer of to sit down and talk with the individuals who vandalised my office still stands but they need to be aware that hate and abuse will not silence me in standing up for our city and its people.

‘The persons who did this are clearly very angry about something.

‘The brave thing to do now is have that conversation with me. The graffiti has been reported to the police and will be cleaned off today."

Sadly, this didn’t represent a first for the MP, whose work premises had been vandalised previously. According to Metro newspaper, staff had also been threatened with sexual violence back in July of this year.

Distressing graffiti shamefully targetting MP

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