Pride Season: If We Can, We Will...

What’s that I hear in the distance? Rainbows? Music? Unbridled Happiness? It must be Pride Month!

Summer is rolling in and with that Pride season is underway. Of course, we celebrate Pride year-long and never really stop the march to freedom for the LGBTQIA community worldwide. But Pride festivals are particularly important and with many cancellations last year due to lockdown, it’s even more important to celebrate this year.

We understand that this doesn’t mean celebrations for everybody. Some LGBTQIA people will struggle with difficult circumstances that may prevent them from coming out. Many 2021 Pride events have already been cancelled this year, whilst other people are still shielding to stay safe from the virus. However, we’re here to outline the events for you (including the virtual ones) so you can celebrate with a Pina Colada (or a fizzy Vimto) wherever you find comfortable.

Most Pride events are regional. Whilst the community is just that - a community - different places across the UK do things differently and have different ‘vibes,’ which is why you’ll get lots of people going across the country to sample

London Pride or over to Manchester Pride instead.

With most events scattered through to September, it makes it possible to attend a lot of different events money, time and COVID permitting.

We’re looking forward to:

Bradford Pride Festival (now until the main event on 19th June). It’s the 16th Bradford Pride and a picnic is planned for June 2nd among other events looking to fuse the digital and physical.

Blackpool Pride (5th June) is a virtual event – anyone can attend so you can count on us being there. Blackpool’s Pride was held virtually last year and enjoyed by many. If you can’t get to an event, we recommend this one.

LGBT+ Social in association with the LCR Pride Foundation (5th June) at Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot – one for those in the North-West or anyone happy to travel. This one is well covid-proofed and has a great line-up – sure to be a great night out. Lots of safe options.

In terms of the big events, Manchester Pride is still planned to be held in person (27th August-30th August) including performances from our beloved Lucy Spraggan and our fave queens Tia Kofi, The Vivienne and Veronica Green – book early for this not to be missed.

Birmingham Pride is currently due to take place in September (25th and 26th). Edinburgh Pride has been cancelled but a virtual event is being organised. Glasgow Pride isn’t confirmed, but it’s likely the event will be virtual as it was last year.

At this stage, Liverpool Pride and Brighton Pride are cancelled. There may be updates about virtual events, so keep an eye on their social media if you’re interested in these festivals.

There are hundreds of Pride events occurring nationwide in the coming months and we can’t list them all, but there may well be some near you - virtually or in person. We’ll be sharing event updates on our social media as they emerge, so stay tuned if you’re interested.

Actual Pride day for Britain takes place on the 27th June this year and we’ll be exploring the history of Pride and its importance closer to the time.

For now, stay safe, go easy on the cocktails and always, always love yourself. Happy Pride season, friends!

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