Sex Education: Our Top 5 Eric Effiong Moments

At long last, we finally have a release date for series three of Sex Education and we are soooooo excited. If Maeve and Otis don’t get together, there will be tantrums. We miss you too Lily, Ola and Jean. But, of course, we’re mostly missing our treasured Eric and to fill the voidh ere are our top five Eric moments. You know what's number one though, don’t you?

5. The Dog-Walking Disaster

This moment is a perfect nod to Eric’s easy-going attitude, his generosity and his naivety that plants him in quiet chaos, although this was an event he hadn’t signed up for, causing us all the more humour. Watching him walking over with five dogs in hand and having to clean up after them is a treat every time.

4. Naïve? Yes, You Eric

We love how optimistic Eric is and how he reacts when things aren’t what he imagined. He seems very naïve and it makes us want to teach him about the world and protect him. One of Eric’s best naïve moments was when he rocks up to the camping trip with Otis’ dad to find out they’re roughing it instead of using a campsite. His reaction and child-like tantrums in the downfall have us in stitches and we love how he runs up to mama-Jean after she’s saved them from their doom.

3. The Wotsit Party Ordeal

He turns up in the all-orange outfit and tells Otis he looks like Otis whilst Eric is his brightly, garish, happy self, before he twerks in Otis’ face. After all he deals with his family and bullies encouraging him to repress his sexuality and flamboyancy, Eric goes bigger and bolder and we admire him so much and can only warm to his character. Furthermore, this party scene is a barrel of fun and after Eric sits on the ground in his all-orange outfit, now with a brown patch on his bum, he lashes out at Otis and whilst we believe every threat, we know he’s never malicious or selfish, only joking at heart.

2. Our Almost Favourite Moment

If it weren’t for the now-world-famous meme at number one this has to be when he shares a moment with his dad as he learns how to accept his choices. This isn’t a funny moment – in fact it’s the opposite – it’s so important, moving and painfully understandable that we are immediately gripped to the show. Sex Education also achieved the same impact with the bus storyline. Resonant for everyone who’s watched it.

1. “Wash Your Hands You Detty Pig!”

This is, of course, our number one moment, as it is for many fans. Even before the quote became a meme and got plastered across every public toilet in the pandemic, this shocking moment had us in stitches. Eric isn’t scared to say what he’s thinking. He’s naïve yet he teaches others. He’s good and calls others out on their bad behaviour. He’s hurt yet he helps others. Eric is the character that has only good intentions, trying to figure life out and make it a better place so it’s no surprise that a lot of us relate to him and find ourselves amused when he goes above and beyond what we’d be brave enough to. Thank you, Eric.

Series one and two of Sex Education can be found on Netflix. New season starts September 17th, 2021.

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