Strictly Comes Together

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Who’d have thought that a telly show format that dates back to the polyester and tank top naffness of the 70s mattered so much?

The casting of a gay couple in this weekend’s show mattered. it mattered because it plonked them straight into peak viewing Saturday night Domino’s viewing. It mattered because it ruffled feathers. It mattered because it was fun. it mattered because the taxi driver we got home las night wanted to talk about it. His conclusion? Vive le difference. That’s extrapolated. He opted for live and let live.

It’s a moment. And we like to chronicle these. Like a budget Chaucer. We also spotted full on drag queening represented in the current Boots ad. The Malteser campaign and McCains identifying that families were multi-faceted things and not necessarily male and female defined. Again, a moment.

Why is it happening? Why are these things coalescing now? We think of a genuine change sweeping society. Incremental step changes. Long term strategising by the likes of Stonewall, Peter Tatchell, opinion formers like Olly Alexander and even Harry Styles

Strictly Come Dancing: A peak viewing time 'moment'

The list is huge. All have stood up and attempted to drive the LGBTI conversation one way. Into the light. Into modernity.

Then there’s money.

The LGBTI market has never been sexier to business and marketers. Blue chip brands are falling over themselves to identify themselves as LGBT-friendly. They want your dollars. But they’re prepared to put the effort in. Wave flags. You know which one. Yes, at times it feels like tokenism. But here’s the thing: you get to decide what level of integrity and sincerity is attached to each one. You get to vote with your dollar.

And that’s power, really. Hard fought. Slow to materialise. But here and now. Enjoy. Use it.

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