The GRA: A Work In Progress. Still

The Sunday Tjmes is today claiming that Government policy regarding the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) (2004) is going to be one of tinkering with but not majorly changing. The key breakthrough – allowing transgender people to self-identify ­– seems to have been dispensed with. This is all a major let down given that amendments to the law have been trailed since summer with the inference that significant change was on the way.

Practically this boils down to one majorly unpalatable fact: the process demanded by the state for gender change remains every bit as arduous and exacting as it ever was and still requires ratification by a panel of doctors as opposed to the hinted at change enabling individuals to gender change simply by making a declaration in the presence of a judge.

The decision to not materially change the GRA flies in the face of public opinion with a recently commissioned poll indicating that over half of the UK populace was in support of simplifying the gender change process with just 27% disagreeing.

One plus point: the charge for changing gender which is currently £140 is being scrapped. Whoopee dooh! But it’s a poor exchange and the fight to simplify the process for gender change will continue. Sadly, it does not appear to be a focal point for the current Government. And, yes, we get that there are other significant issues in play.

How do we feel? Disappointed in truth. As we expect you do, too.

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