The LGBT Awards 2021: Fabulousness including Lil Nas X, Sam Smith and Cara Delevigne

The British LGBT Awards have been celebrating members of the community since 2015 and have previously recognised the bravery, hard-work and impact on the community from the likes of Tom Daley, Courtney Act, Stephen Fry and Caitlyn Jenner.

The Awards this year take place on 27th August and we're already gearing up to celebrate some fabulous LGBT Champions. The truth is, whilst we’ve voted, we couldn’t possibly pick out a few select favourites from this year’s nominees: everyone nominated in the awards is a winner.

However, social media seems to be jumping on Harry Styles’ nomination in the music artist category after the singer casually took on gender fluid fashion in a high-profile shoot. Previously, he has been a recognised ally of the community and fans are over the moon to see him celebrated as an LGBT artist now as well as supporter.

Harry Styles’ competing nominees include Jojo Siwa and Sam Smith, who have touched the community with their touching coming-out stories and been proud icons since, Siwa having only come out earlier this year but being an amazing role model for her younger fans. Also in the artist category is Lil Nas X, who has already rocked the boat with the confessional and super out 'MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)' super as well as with his ‘Satan Shoes’ (each pair containing a drop of his blood). We all know that people don’t want to listen when we’re in the background and Lil Nas X couldn’t have shouted louder.

Other icons nominated include Adam Lambert, Gillian Anderson, Jameela Jamil, Elliot Page, Demi Lovato, RuPaul, Joe Lycett and Phillip Schofield. Good luck voting with all of these change makers!

Celebrity Ally Award nominees include 'Drag Race UK' star Michelle Visage and 'Killing Eve' actress Julie Comer.

As well as recognising our celebs, the British LGBT Awards also identifies the allies of the community, charities and community initiatives as well as ‘media moments’ - which can only go to 'It's A Sin', surely?

Safe to say, we’re incredibly excited and August can’t come quick enough – whoever takes home the trophies would be deserving winners and what a wonderful way to say thank you to those using their platforms to advocate change for the community.

We’ll be there in our glittery ballgowns and Satan Shoes (if we can get any)!

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