Thursday Nights: How To Beat 'Drag Race UK' Syndrome (sniffle)

There’s already a gap in our lives where our Queens should be on a Thursday night. To fill that void - the 7pm withdrawal symptoms - we’ve lovingly put together a list of programmes that might help you miss them a little less; we hope there is something here for you to get tucked into so grab a blanket, grab the Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy!

Let’s start with the obvious: have you seen all Drag Race seasons of all varieties? On Netflix, there are 13 seasons of Drag Race, USA, 2 seasons of All Stars, 2 seasons of Untucked, 1 season of Secret Celebrity Drag Race and a Holi-slay Spectacular. Whilst on iPlayer, there is Canada’s Drag Race as well as the first UK series - if you haven’t seen that for whatever reason.

There are also a bazillion spin-offs with your favourite stars: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: Queens on Lockdown, God Shave the Queen, The Vivienne Takes on Hollywood and How’s Your Head, Hun(?) are all available on iPlayer. You can also catch Lawrence Chaney in Insider’s Guide and Mother Tuckers: Drag Queens of Glasgow, The Vivienne in Mimi on a Mission and Vinegar Strokes in Eating With My Ex – Celebrity Special. Don’t forget about RuPaul’s show AJ and the Queen! What better way not to miss them than to watch them in other things!

If you’re a committed Drag Race fan, seen all of the above and want to venture further afield, we have recommendations for you too. Oh, but where to start?

Missing the runway makeovers? Okay, Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star will give you all the make-up competition you need – plus, series 1, episode 5 features a make-over of the Kinky Boots cast for more drag makeover competition realness! Not seen Kinky Boots yet? Well, the original film is available on Amazon Prime Video and the musical is available on BroadwayHD which you can get a 7- day free trial for if you look!

Still looking for real-life and reality television? Not seen Queer Eye yet? It’s on Netflix! We also recommend documentaries, A Queen is Born, Jamie: Drag Queen at 16 (inspiration for Everybody’s Talking about Jamie which is out later this year) and Olly Alexander: Growing up Gay. Speaking of Olly Alexander, you’ve seen It’s a Sin at least twice… haven’t you? Of course you have!

Fancying a change and wanting a juicy drama? No worries, Netflix poses some great LGBT+ films including The Boys in the Band and Boy Erased and we also have to talk about Moxie – based on the best-seller by Jennifer Mathieu exploring gender equality.

We hope there’s enough here to fill your Drag Race Cheryl Hole!

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