What happens When You Get In Touch With LGBT Money

Seeking financial help and advice can be a bit daunting.

We’d all love to set sail to a paradise island and leave the stresses of credit scores and pensions behind. However, that’s not an option for most of us.

LGBT Money is committed to making things a little easier.

Our advisers can help with financial queries of all kinds. Pensions, mortgages, life insurance, inheritance tax and financial planning are among their expertise. If it’s finance-related, they're very likely to be able to help.

How To Get In Touch

You can get in touch with us in numerous ways. We recommend by email or phone. Our number is 0800 334 5428 and we’re available from 8am-8pm, daily. Our email address is service@lgbtmoney.co.uk. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you’d prefer to drop us a direct message.

Our Advisers

LGBT Money has a network of financial advisers throughout the UK. They're not just advisers. They're LGBT Money advisers. Which means we know them individually. We know them well. And we know they subscribe to our core business values of equality, respect, diversity and professionalism.

LGBT Money has been serving the community for over 10 years now. We know how like to be treated and how we expect to treat others.

After You Get In Touch

What happens next depends on the information you provide. We'll look at your key issue and geography as key criteria for matching you to an adviser where we can.

If you’ve perhaps not had time to fully outline your situation (we understand!), we’ll come back with a request for further information so we can match you best with an adviser. We aim to put you together with an adviser within 48 hours.

After this, you will be contacted by an adviser and set up a preliminary meeting (still likely to be Zoom!).

Your first consultation is free. If you decide to go ahead you will be advised of any costs and indeed any direct fees payable to the adviser for transparency.

Many clients end up staying with their adviser long-term and build up a strong professional relationship akin to that with a GP or dentist (slightly less scary than a dentist!).


We hope our service provides you with the assistance you’re after. If you get in touch and do the journey to becoming a client via an LGBT Money adviser, please get back in touch afterwards and share feedback. It’s invaluable to us to and we’re always looking to improve to be the very best we can!

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