Why Every Month Is Pride Month (Or Should Be)

Here we are: the end of June is here and like many, we’re sharing concerns about where everything is headed once Pride month is over.

There are many Pride events still to take place across the UK well into September, so Pride isn’t disappearing as such.

Us? We’re here to support the LGBTQ+ community year-round.

What does that mean? Does that mean we believe there shouldn’t be a Pride month? Absolutely not. Pride month is essential in raising awareness of the many issues that still exist for the community and inviting people to accept and champion LGBTQ+ rights.

But, unfortunately, there’s a misunderstanding with awareness months and days that makes some believe the fight is over when the day/week/month is over. This isn’t the case.

We should be doing our bit for LGBTQ+ rights all year round. Pride month gives specific time to highlight that to those who don’t and get more people on the all-year-round bandwagon. A really basic comparison would be to say that you can’t eat pancakes any other day of the year apart from pancake day. You can eat pancakes whenever you want, but it’s traditional to eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

The other way to look at Pride is it is like a birthday. People shouldn’t feel rubbish on the 364 days that isn’t their birthday because everyone should feel important and loved every day, it’s just that they should be made to feel extra appreciated and adored on their birthday. The LGBTQ+ community should feel appreciated and accepted every day, but extra appreciated and adored in Pride month.

Our company logo incorporates a rainbow year-round. We feel we’re entitled to do that serving the LGBTQIA community every day, every month as we do.

We also appreciate to some extent companies changing their logos to rainbow colours for Pride month as a gesture. But, there is some level of feeling like the LGBTQ+ community will once again be forgotten and tossed aside on July 1st when the logos revert to orange and green and black again and the rainbow flags get put back behind the counter for a year.

What’s the solution? We don’t have every answer. Perhaps companies could keep their logos the same colour year-round and keep their Pride flags out year-round. Maybe they can change their logos as they do now and change them back on July, but keep up the flags so it doesn’t feel so abrupt?

Our point is that the LGBTQ+ community has a long way to go before it has the same rights, freedom and treatment as the rest of society. June therefore becomes very important because we can shout as loud as we want about that and people will actively listen.

But in the other months when people aren’t listening, maybe that’s the time we should be shouting loudest?

We hope the community has had a great month and that there’s been some positive change, however big or small. We’re also very excited for the Pride events to come; stay safe.

If anyone needs to get in touch, we’re here.

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