Why We Love Lucy (Spraggan)!

Lucy Spraggan’s new album has just entered the UK charts at number five, making the singer-songwriter the first British lesbian to have an album ranked in the Top 5 of the official charts since 2003.

We are big fans; if you pop into Lucy’s twitter @lspraggan you’ll see how moved by her success she is.

Lucy rose to fame on The X Factor in 2012 becoming an instant hit after performing self-written ‘Last Night’ for her audition and capturing the UK audience with her sense of humour, honesty and relatability. She finished ninth after withdrawing due to illness, but her journey didn’t end here as ‘Last Night’ had already entered the official singles charts ahead of her independently released album ‘Top Room At The Zoo’.

Follow up ‘Join The Club’ was released in 2013 and made number seven on the charts, making her the first artist in ten years to rank in the Top 10.

Lucy’s lifestyle has changed quite dramatically since her experience on The X Factor with new song ‘Sober’ a 360-degree flip from ‘Last Night’, a song about ‘beer fear’. At the time Lucy attracted a lot of attention on her time on the show for time she spent drinking and partying.

However, Lucy has obviously been on an incredible journey since then with no lack of hardships. On ‘Sober’ she sings: “If I'm gonna be someone that I believe in, /If I'm gonna be someone the people like / I've had all the time I need to think it over / I've gotta be sober, alright.”

Lucy feels very down-to-earth and shares a lot of her journey on social media: she finds happiness in herself and from running, her fitness regime, her music, her girlfriend and her best friend and the canine in her life, Steve The Dog.

Success has, sadly, bought with it a fair number of trolls and negative comments for that can be offensive and invasive; however, Lucy always seems to rise above them or respond in a light-hearted and jovial way that can only be admired. She’s having the last laugh, we think!

Lucy took to social media recently to ask fans to help support ‘Choices’ and thank them for their love and support. In doing so, she has talked about how inspired she was by Alex Parks when she was a child, realising there was someone like her. ‘There ARE amazing lesbian artists out there, and the lack of their visibility does say something… Some of you won’t understand why it’s important to have visibility of people who are like you and the biggest reason for that will be because you’re surrounded by them. If I can be like Alex Parks, I’d be very happy.’

Her continued success means Lucy has a huge following; not just because of her music but also because of her fitness routines, her incredibly positive, uplifting and resilient attitude. There’s a real sense of someone giving back.

She is an inspiration not just to the LGBT+ community, or the music industry, but to anyone trying to overcome an issue or find happiness (wherever that might be).

Congratulations, Lucy!

''Choices' is available to buy on vinyl and CD via outlets such as HMV as well as on iTunes and other streaming services.

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