WorkPride '21: What We Learnt

WorkPride is an annual event held usually in person but this year - of course - online.

Hosted by myGwork, it featured over 50 events and hundreds of panelists.

WorkPride is almost overwhelming in its support and is such an important thing to have in place.

Juggling time differences, we managed to get booked onto a few events and wanted to share what we took away from them.

We attended WorkPride’s welcome held by Michi Raymond of myGwork, who introduced speeches from a number of speakers who shared statistics and information regarding the current issues the LGBTQ+ community are still facing and the work that needs to be done, as well as honest, human stories from people who shared insight from their times of fear and their acceptance. As Michi observed, these speeches were the perfect opening to the week.

We then dropped in on Girl Power: The importance of Women in The Workplace, which was a wonderfully warming and empowering event. We were especially touched by the impact actress Mzz Kimberley makes on the community, trying to spread a message as a singer, actress and writer, but also by taking in young people as her own and providing them with sanctuary and reassurance they lacked previously.

Of course, LGBT Money had to attend the focus panel for the financial industry and see what the industry was doing to be inclusive and approachable. It’s pleasing to hear that some larger corporations are taking steps to improve their recruitment process as well as their customer service to be more inclusive, supportive and open.

We’ve been there. Got the t-shirt and been wearing it for over a decade!

We also attended a conference discussing allyship – which was informative and educational; also attended Coffee Break: Celebrity Edition where couple Jamie and Shaaba discussed their journey with balancing transitioning and an unaccepting Muslim family. The couple were hugely positive and inspiring.

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